Gulzar Bibi

This amazing woman currently runs a small canteen at a local school in Nogazi village Tarnol Islamabad since her childhood, she would create beautiful colorful pieces of chunri (traditional tie-dye) which women of her area since she was a child, she would create beautiful colorful pieces of chunri (traditional tie-dye) for women of her area.
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Real Lives - The Story of Leemon

“It took me a long drive to inquire about affordable loan schemes offered by Khushhali Microfinance Bank; but it helped me start my farming and livestock business, so I am not complaining.” Leemon reminiscences.
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Shahnaz Bibi - Bahawalpur

Shahnaz Bibi a resident of Bahawalpur was living a financially stressed life with her husband and two children. Her husband was the only bread winner for her family but he too was unable to earn sufficient amount of money to smoothly run the everyday household expenses.
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Ghulam Zaitoon - Rawalpindi

Every day we hear awe-inspiring stories of women who irrespective of their social status and family backgrounds have achieved something in their lives only through sheer determination and hard work. The hardships these women go through everyday are unimaginable and enough to send a chill down our spines.
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Ghulam Zaitoon

Shamim Zahid - The Fighter

Residing in Mughalpura Jameelabad, Lahore, Shamim Zahid is running a small kiryana store in her neighborhood. With her husband losing an eye in an accident four to five years ago, Shamim Bibi’s life has been a constant struggle for educating her four children as well as making a living.
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Sofia - Peshawar

Sofia, 47, is a self made woman whose perseverance and hard work has rightly earned her the respect and admiration of everyone around her. Sofia was born and brought up in Peshawar, where she acquired her basic education. She hailed from a poor family, where hardships and problems came in big packages.
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Kalsoom bibi

Kalsoom bibi has been a client since 2005 and has completed her 7th loan cycle. Kalsoom bibi, mother of 5 is a cornerstone of her family, financed a buffalo for milk. Her husband although a skilled laborer didn’t have a regular source of income.
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Stories that matter- Nadia Sajid

With the sound of school bell ringing, teachers talking and children rushing off to home, everything seemed a well-rounded routine at Sir Syed Middle School for Girls. Though the idea of running a school wasn't new to Nadia Sajid who has re-opened the school that was once run by her mother-in-law, setting it up and getting it going were the key challenges for her. Nadia Sajid lives and runs a school at a rented facility in Bhagwanpura. Her inspiration came from hundreds of children in the neighbourhood running on the streets as their parents cannot afford their education expenses.
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Sajan - Thar

Microfinance inspires Sajan to breed success in barren lands of Thar. Seven years ago, in a tiny district of Tharparkar, a courageous man took his first step towards prosperity; a step that led him through the difficult and complex terrains of life to liberate him from conditions of extreme poverty in search of a brighter and better future for his family.
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ساجن ۔ تھر

Fabric of Human Dignity

Ghulam Mustafa, resident of Qadir Pur Rawan is a respected figure in the society owing to his skillful and creatively
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