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Real Lives - The Story of Leemon

Pakistan is a country where 43% of labor force is employed in the business of farming. Prime exporter of eatables with economy depending on it, farming is the prime occupation of rural populace of Pakistan. Getting education is deemed irrelevant as every generation is expected to carry forward the same business. Among the 43% is Leemon; an individual who made a change by working hard so he can send his children to school, a luxury he never had himself. Father of seven children, none of whom had any hope of having a life different from the locals of the district, Leemon had a dream for a better tomorrow. Leemon lives in Dadu, a very poor town in Sindh where poverty, low standards of living and illiteracy is a way of life. Unknown and unruffled with their lack of education, the residents of Dadu seemed foreign to Leemon who was struggling day and night to provide his children with education. In his search, he came across Khushhali Bank Loan Scheme. “It took me a long drive to inquire about affordable loan schemes offered by Khushhali Microfinance Bank; but it helped me start my farming and livestock business, so I am not complaining.” Leemon reminiscences. With the opportunity to avail finance to execute his vision, he used all his might along with the business advices provided by loan officers to grow his business. He continued farming crops and purchasing livestock, which generated large sums of revenues, completely transforming the life of his family. Leemon now has an income of PKR 60,000-70,000/- from current crop sales. He is able to afford education for his children. Two of his sons who are currently enrolled at local High School regularly utilize their time off from school to help their father in his work. “I intend on availing more loans from Khushhali Microfinance Bank to lease more land for cultivation. More crops I grow more revenue I generate” Leemon shares his business plans. Already a source of inspiration in his community, Leemon has also guided many others about Khushhali Microfinance Bank Loan Scheme. Through the revenue generated from farming crops and few livestock purchases, Leemon is now able to afford education for his children, and this brings a positive change in his community. By emphasizing on education, rather than illiteracy and manual labor, Leemon has set an example for other locals to follow and aspire towards.