1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy outlines how Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited (KMBL) manages its customer’s personal information received through KMBL’s website (www.khushhalibank.com.pk), internet and mobile banking channels. It also describes the sort of data held, including how it is gathered, maintained, used, and disclosed.

KMBL encourages visitors & clients to check KMBL’s website for any updates to the KMBL Privacy Statement.

2. Collecting Personal Information

KMBL collects only personal information necessary to conduct its business operation. KMBL obtains information from the following sources:

Information received from Complaints, Enquiries, Requests and Suggestions

Information received from Job Applications.

Information authorized by clients to KMBL, to resolve their queries or review their online transactions.

3. Using Client’s Information

KMBL may use personally identifiable data collected through above mentioned sources to:

Contact Users/Clients regarding products and services offered by Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited.

Enhance Users’ experience.

For research regarding the effectiveness of the website, marketing campaigns, and advertising and sales efforts.

4. Maintaining/Protecting Client’s Information

KMBL recognizes that the proper use and safeguarding of personal information is an important social responsibility. As such, KMBL stores and manages client’s personal information, endeavoring to keep it current and accurate, whilst employing appropriate security measures and safeguards to prevent data leakages.

KMBL also maintains necessary supervision and oversight of resources deployed on KMBL’s website and mentioned sources, who handle the personal information.

5. Disclosure to Third Parties

KMBL does NOT disclose customer’s personal information to third parties without the customer’s consent, unless compelled by law to do so.

KMBL reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement or any part thereof at any time, taking into account new developments in information technology, changes in societal demands, and other relevant factors. Through these efforts, KMBL aims to improve management of its customers’ personal information in a more efficient manner.

Note: Privacy Statement does not extend to third party sites linked to KMBL website.

6. Changes to this Statement

KMBL reserves the right to modify sections of this Privacy Statement at any time. Please check this statement at bank’s website from time to time for any changes

7.Khushhali Microfinance Bank Biometric Verification (BVS) Privacy Policy

Khushhali Microfinance Bank does not save/store/share any fingerprint images/data as mandated by the State Bank of Pakistan.