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Gulzar Bibi

Her journey towards a better living started with her aspirations to progress from working at bungalows to starting something of her own. Stitching and sewing had been the only source that was never enough for a family of five and running a school canteen was never feasible due to tough financial constraints.

However, door-to-door program introduction and group loaning by Khushhali Microfinance Bank changed Gulzar Bibi’s life for the better.

The first loan turned to a second and so on, all paid back on time. Today Gulzar Bibi has availed four to five loans from the bank and plans to continue seeking the bank’s help and guidance for polishing her permanent bread winner, the school canteen. Her latest loan is worth Rs.19,500; all her loans have had specific needs; the first one was for upgrading the canteen facility and the rest of them have been for buying eatables from the local grocers for cash.

With the responsibilities of her daughter’s marriage and her children’s education hanging over her head, Khushhali loan has enabled Gulzar Bibi to fight what is a recurring feature in many households: the husband who does not contribute to the daily expenditure. Today, she stands not only as a survivor, but also a victor in being able to generate income to support her family.