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Stories that matter- Nadia Sajid

Nadia decided to continue to with her mother-in-law's dream, capitalising on the name she had left behind. It's been five years that she has been running the school, but according to her the breakthrough for her venture came a year ago when she approached Khushhali Bank for a loan, and moved the students from floor to chairs. "I needed cash to move one step ahead and get the school registered with Punjab Education Board. And Khushhali Bank was right there to help be achieve my dream", she exclaimed with excitement.

Nadia was able to get a loan worth Rs 100,000 from Khushhali Bank, which she used for her investment in furniture and infrastructure. She came to know about Khushhali Bank through her affiliations with Punjab Education Foundation's Student Information System (SIS). Appreciating the Bank's support, she said that not only was she able to get higher number of admissions, but also higher fees from children due to better facilities. In one year, the number of students has gone up from 90 to 200. Her monthly sales are Rs 40,000.

Nadia has been lucky in that she has had the emotional, and a bit of financial support from her husband who has a lamination business that has not been going well due to power shortages. And today Nadia Sajid is a key contributor to her family's income where she runs a school with 200 students and 10 teachers. Expressing her intentions to go back to the bank for her second loan cycle, Nadia said, "It is because of Khushhali Bank that I plan to open a second branch of the school at main Bhagwanpura.