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Ishrat Jahan-MSME-Isb
Women of Substance

After she bought the parlor, she spent money to renovate it and hired new trained employees to instill fresh vigor in the business. Her dedication to her business has paid off enabling her to sustain her family well. Being a single mother, her top priority was good education for her children which she successfully managed to achieve. Her daughter is now in the third year of studying Software Engineering from abroad on a scholarship while her son has recently completed high school.

Ishrat took MSME loan from Khushhali Microfinance Bank last year. Ishrat availed the loan to add new services to the parlor and is happy with the positive gains from the investment. She hopes to avail further loans from the bank to begin offering training sessions on make- up and skin care to aspiring Make Up Artists.

“I would urge all single mothers to stay strong during difficult times. Believe in Allah, and then believe in yourself. There are limitless opportunities out there to avail. Keep a lookout and know that there is no option but to make things work for yourself”.