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Wazeeran Bibi
Stories that matter- Wazeeran Bibi

A strong-headed woman belonging to a poor family in Shuja Abad Town, a small town in Punjab, she lost her right hand in a fire accident as a child. Ever since childhood, Wazeeran bibi had experienced poverty. Getting married to a man who cultivated crops on leased lands, did not change her prospects either. Her husband’s work had limited scope and the income was nominal, barely enough for bread and milk.

With four daughters and two sons, making ends meet was always a challenge. Sick of financial restrains, Wazeeran bibi stood up one day and decided to venture forth and avail assistance from Khushhalibank, following suggestions from people in her community. “The reason I took this step is because I never wanted my children to have a similar life. A mother can struggle throughout her life but she would never want her kids to go through the same struggle”, said Wazeeran bibi.

She utilized her first loan installment of Rs 8,500 to purchase a goat and sell its milk for a living. With the sudden income from the milk her life started becoming easier a day at a time. Soon, she saved enough to purchase a cow and a buffalo, which enabled her to generate a reasonable income to sustain her family.

With months of saving, she opened a poultry farm that helped her sustain her income during times when her cattle stops yielding milk. Saving Rs. 10,000 – 12,000 every month, Wazeeran bibi hopes to reinvest and learn from her experience to expand her business. The businesswoman that she has become, Wazeeran bibi now believes in maintaining a healthy credit history so she can avail financial resources to expand in the future.

Even though her living conditions improved, her difficulties and challenges continued but her will power to face them renews everyday. People around her taunted her, she faced societal pressure due to the stigmas attached with women stepping out and her family was ridiculed. Nevertheless, Wazeeran bibi remained dedicated to her work and never allowed her disability to come between her and her work. Beautifully balancing work, her children and her home, Wazeeran bibi pulled her family out of a life of poverty. Not only has this experience changed their lives but it has also instilled a confidence in Wazeeran bibi and her children. Today, they are hopeful for happiness, success and a better future.