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Stories that matter- Sumera Nadeem

If there was one word to describe Sumaira, it would be optimistic. Sumaira runs a beauty parlour that is attracting significant clientele. But it hasn't been easy for her either. She got married at a very young age, and due to her husband's financial situation she opened a beauty parlour at her house after completing the relevant course. However, she had to return to her parents' house due to family problems and her husband's second marriage. As young mother with five kids, she could not rely on her husband for financial support who himself was in a financial crisis and had another family to feed. Her parents, and particularly her father, have been her greatest support in all the tough times.

Sumaira decided to lead her own way; with financial support from her parents and her uncle, Sumaira started her business close to her parent's house. Due to financial and administrative hardships, Sumaira needed capital. She got to know about Khushhali Bank through a lady in her neighbourhood who facilitates women in getting loans. Sumaira has taken her first loan of Rs 20,000 and she seems pretty satisfied with it.

Today her business of three years is so successful that she is paying not only for her own expenses, her children's education, and contributing to her father's income, but also for her husband. She bought her husband a motor bike so that he could visit his children. Not only that, Sumaira recently paid solely for her youngest sister's wedding.

Sumaira is truly an inspiration. Today, she is the sole earner and a source of encouragement for women in her family who have had financial problems. With an experience of 9-10 years, she has completed three beautician courses to polish her talent. Her earnestness reflects in her coaching and training sessions held at her parlour. And she plans to invest further in her business; her dream is to have a well-furnished salon at a better locality with improved services, and that she believes can only be accomplished through the continuous support and empowerment from Khushhali Bank. She is earning around Rs 1000-1500 per day on average.