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Hazoor Bux - Balochistan

As for his future plans, he intends to make car shock absorbers and shovels (Belcha) for auto repair services which will help his business on the road to success.

The key to Hazoor Bux’s success has been the proper and effective utilization of loan and on time delivery of consignment required by the contractor. Training has a fairly important role to play in the blacksmith profession to attain proficiency in new technology with which he has always kept himself abreast. Most importantly availability of finance through Khushhali Microfinance Bank credit facility played a pivotal role in the success of his business. While traditional Baloch customs frown upon household women working with men, this entrepreneur has allowed his wife to work with him together on the project, which has also been a major factor in his success.

In a ceremony held in Islamabad to commemorate the 8th Citi PPAF Entrepreneurship Awards, Hazoor Bux received the ‘Regional Runner Up Award’ of Rs. 100,000.