Submitted by adminkmbl on Thu, 03/11/2021 - 18:26
Mehfooz Account

Where your money is safe

Your first step towards prosperity is a really straight forward savings account with no minimum balance requirement. Khushhali offers its Mehfooz Account to individuals from all walks of life who believe in saving today for a 'Mehfooz' tomorrow. Mehfooz Account earns you interest while keeping your funds easily accessible. Whats more? Your first cheque book is absolutely free!

Product Features

  • 7% p.a. profit on all balances
  • No minimum or monthly average balance requirement
  • Accessibility to your funds from our network of online branches across Pakistan
  • Account opened with a deposit of Rs. 100/- only
  • Targeted towards the small ticket customer belonging to the low income segment
  • Interest on average monthly balance and accrued monthly