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Signing Ceremony
20 Aug, 2018

As Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited continues to expand its customer base amongst an increasingly growing microfinance market, it recognizes the need to continue to offer innovative services to meet consumer demands. The bank realizes that a future-proof payments platform is critical to its digital transformation strategy. Therefore, they selected TPS'Multi-Channel Payment Platform to ready itself for the transformative forces that are shaping the future of banking.

The new strategic partnership with TPS will see Khushhali Microfinance Bank leverage the capabilities of IRIS card management and transaction switching platform. The fundamentally flexible platform will transform the bank's digital payment infrastructure and allow quick roll-out of new and innovative services.

As part of the agreement, TPS will also enable the bank to issue EMV compliant PayPak Debit Cards. With PayPak domestic scheme in place, the bank will be able to provide efficient and cost effective banking services. Cards holders will have the ease of making cash withdrawals at all 1Link enabled ATMs across the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Ghalib Nishtar, President & CEO, Khushhali Microfinance Bank, said "Being Pakistan's first and largest microfinance bank, we are on a mission to facilitate an environment where microfinance can prosper in the country. With a powerful payment platform driving our digital payment services, we will be able to meet the payment needs of microfinance sector in Pakistan and rapidly scale up our customer base".

“TPS is proud to be trusted by the largest microfinance bank. Our latest payment platform IRIS5 is an enabler of digital financial services and it gives unparalleled performance and reliability needed for customer trust. It excites me that with KMBL now added to TPS list of Pakistani microfinance banks, we shall be able to contribute more in helping the sector achieve its 2020 goal to reach out to 10m customers.”  Said, Shahzad Shahid, CEO, TPS.