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5.Women Entrepreneurs.

Worldover, 19 November is celebrated as ‘Women Entrepreneurs Day’. On this occasion,   KMBL organized an event in Bahawalpur to mark this International Day. 

KMBL as a firm facilitator of female micro-entrepreneurs in Pakistan wishes to uplift the living standards of female population by training them and assisting with skill development. Through these initiatives, KMBL is carrying forwards its legacy of gender inclusion by helping women get out of poverty by enabling them to make their own money and become self-sufficient. 
With this goal, a motivational session was held for the women of Bhawalpur to teach them important skills to help them start a business using minimum resources at hand.

Once again the renowned and successful micro-entrepreneur and famous YouTube celebrity, Shahid Hussain Joya was invited as the presenter who demonstrated how to make sellable products at home with a huge sale potential. Over 200 women took part in the session where they learned how to make household commodities such as soap, detergent, shampoos, hand washes etc.  

The speaker instructed the audience on business strategies along with a complete guidance on costing, product development, packaging, marketing and distribution with market feasibility analysis. An interactive session was held where women were invited to provide a hands-on experience with product development. Samples were also distributed in the audience. The session was concluded with interactive Q/A session, which saw active participation from all women attendants.

Moving beyond the provision of loans, KMBL aims to empower the next generation of women entrepreneurs by imparting skills that can help women earn their own money.