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3.Poverty Eradication-min

On the occasion of Poverty Eradication Day, a session on Entrepreneurship was arranged by KMBL at Shah Allah Ditta on October 17th 2019. As part of our determined effort to empower women in the long run by helping them learn more skills that can be utilized towards earning an income.

The aim of the session was to acknowledge the critical role that rural and indigenous women can play to enhance rural development; leading towards eradicating rural poverty by   teaching them entrepreneurial skills.

A successful micro-entrepreneur and a famous YouTube celebrity, Shahid Hussain Joya was invited to conduct a session on ‘how to become a successful entrepreneur in a small setup’.   He displayed manufacturing of products like homemade shampoos, liquid detergents, liquid hand wash, bath soap and house-floor tiles. He briefed the audience on how to start a small scale business by using minimum resources at hand. He stressed upon these ladies to work side by side with male figures of their families and become equal financial contributors of their households. Shahid Joiya explained how these products have huge market opportunities and praised KMBL for providing a suitable platform for these women to implement business ideas in a remote area. A complete guidance on costing, product development, packaging, marketing and distribution was shared along with their market feasibility analysis. Shahid Joiya’s efforts have also been recognized by BBC and Voice of America. He believes that the only way for rural population to uplift their living standards is through entrepreneurial ventures.