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Irshad Bibi
Irshad Bibi - Bahawalpur

 She is a role model for other women who have the potential to use their skills to improve their livelihood and break the circle of poverty.

Bibi dedicates her success to her family members and Khushhali Microfinance Bank who supported her financially in the hour of need. When her husband passed away suddenly, she found herself to be the sole provider for her three daughters. Not educated and completely lacking in any kind of practical experience outside her home, Irshad Bibi was faced with all her fears. But she resolved to provide for her children by using her talent and flare for pottery.

When she decided to start a business of crafting pitchers and various other utensils, it was appreciated by family as a good idea but the practical implication was the grueling task of arranging initial financial resources for purchasing equipment and raw material. Regretted by various relatives for provisioning of loan, she took advice from an elder of her village about any bank providing such facility. It is a daunting task for a woman with no formal education to approach a bank as loan processes are considered difficult but she was delighted that Khushhali Microfinance Bank in her area not only accepted her loan request but also provided her up to date entrepreneurship counseling throughout the process of setting up the business which establishes the bank’s resolve towards reducing poverty and enhancing women empowerment.