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Gul Hassan: Striving to Succeed

Gul Hassan was a budding entrepreneur but lack of investment and exposure hindered his growth. He was a self- taught entrepreneur and once he had access to finance for his livestock business, his growth trajectory followed a steep upward trend. In 2015, he availed his first loan from Khushhali Microfinance Bank. At the time, he only had 5 goats and 2 cows. He utilized the loan to buy a small calf of a superior breed of Bagh-Nari. The trade proved to be very profitable. Gradually, he invested wisely in his livestock and improved his business. Today, his livestock has increased to cattle to 20 goats and 6 cows.


Gul Hassan says that KMBL’s financial assistance in form of micro credit was a miracle for him in defining the success of his business which he could only expand after getting the loan form KMBL.

Gul Hassan’s business is doing well today owing to his abilities to foresee potential and overcome challenges with consistent efforts. As he increased the number of animals, he realized that he did not have proper facility to protect his animals and their fodder form extreme heat and seasonal heavy rains. He undertook a difficult task to install manual shutter to save his animals and fodder form untimely extreme heat and seasonal heavy rains.


Moreover, once he had good livestock, he wanted to sell it at good prices. But, the profit margins in local market were extremely low and an average goat/ sheep was sold at a meager profit of PKR 400-500. He had a small number of animals so transportation cost to larger cities was not affordable. He proposed to other small livestock owners to rent a truck together and share the cost. Together, they took their animals to Karachi & were able to earn almost double profits.


Gul Hassan is a smart individual and his problem solving skills have helped him succeed in life.