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From Adversity to Prosperity

Although the ownership of land and modern agricultural machinery is in the hands of a few Pakistanis, the industry has generated numerous indirect employment opportunities for farmers and others alike. Punjab is considered as the headquarters of the agricultural industry, after which comes Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh. Baluchistan, mostly barren with extreme temperatures and a scarce water supply, has the lowest contribution to the agriculture industry.

Eidan was a resident of Tehsil Dera Murad Jamali Distt in Balochistan. He was born into a poor household, which forced him to take financial responsibility for his large family from a very early age. Eidan's lack of education did not discourage him instead it motivated him to find employment opportunities to secure his family's future, so he started an agricultural business in his small town of Goth Haji Abdul Razzaq Umrani.

For several years, Eidan invested most of his time and money into his business. The revenue generated from this business was minimal and unprofitable subjecting his family to extreme poverty. Eidan decided to improve his business by injecting more capital. He believed investing more would result in improving the quality and quantity of production, which would generate more income. Unless Eidan's business improved, he could not change his family's living conditions. Thus, he applied for a Khushhali Microfinance Bank loan.

Eidan's dedication, hard work and commitment, along with Khushhali loans, helped him in alleviating his family from poverty. With the help of the loan, Eidan was able to re-establish his business and is noe earning a handsome annual salary of above Rs. 200,000. Eidan's relentless efforts and timely decision to avail a loan have resulted in a notable growth of his agriculture business, making him a role model in his community.

Eidan is still constantly working on expanding his agriculture business. He is respected by his family, community and peers and is now able to send his children to school to pursue an education and secure their future.

Microfinance banks in Pakistan have empowered several people like Eidan to eradicate poverty from their lives. Khushhali Microfinance Bank continues to provide entrepreneurial employment opportunities to those who wish to bring a change in their lives.