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KMbl Western Union

Western Union

Western Union Money Transfer facility is a remittance channel launched across select KMBL branches in Pakistan. It facilitates Pakistani expatriates across the globe to remit their money back home in a safer, secure and hassle free mode under a tie up with Western Union.

Service Features

  • Fast: With Home Remittance Service in alliance with Western Union, you can now transfer money to Pakistan within no time. The payee can get the money in about ten minutes from dedicated Western Union counters in our branches.
  • Convenient: The procedure is very convenient with no need of a KMBL bank account.
  • Economical: There are no charges for receiving remitted money
  • Payment currency: Only Pak Rupees will be paid out to the payees for the inward remittance


  • Customers can get cash at the nearest Khushhali Microfinance Bank branch within minutes.
  • Customers will receive payment in PKR
  • Customers get money without paying any extra fees. Simply follow the following steps at any Khushhali Microfinance Bank Bank branch to receive the money remitted in your name
  • Provide the Western Union MTCN Number (Money Transfer Control Number given by the sender / remitter) along with Sender Name, Country & Amount
  • Carry your original and a photocopy of an identification document (CNIC/ Passport/ NICOP)
  • Receive remittance amount and signed copy of receipt

Sending Money to Pakistan

Visit any Western Union Service provider in your area and follow the required process and procedure of the service provider.

  • To find your nearest agent visit the Western Union Website
  • Track your remittance via the Western Union Tracking service
  • Provide the MTCN number to the beneficiary (receiver) of the remittance in Pakistan. They can collect the remittance from any Khushhali Microfinance Bank Bank branch in Pakistan.


If you have questions about the service or need additional information, please contact the nearest Khushhali Microfinance Bank branch nationwide.