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Khushhali EMV PayPak debit card is a chip enabled plastic card and can be used on all domestic ATMs and POS terminals all over Pakistan. Khushhali debit card is accepted for payment at over 14,000 ATMs nationwide for cash withdrawals at more than 50,000+ POS machines.

  • Offer transactional convenience.
  • Offer all services associated such as cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, mini statement, funds transfer, bill payments, shopping at POS etc.
Card Validity
  • The validity of the debit card is 5 years from the date of issuance.
Payment Networks
  • 1LINK
  • POS transactions
Card Issuance
  • New to bank (NTB) as well as existing customers. Supplementary card issuance is also available for the customers.
Card Types
  • Silver Card ( for borrowers)
  • Gold Card ( for non-borrowers)
Usage Limits

Classic Card

  • Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal: Rs. 100,000/-
  • Daily Shopping Limit at POS: Rs. 100,000/-

Gold Card

  • Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal: Rs. 200,000/-
  • Daily Shopping Limit at POS: Rs. 200,000/-
  • Applicant must be a KMBL’s account holder. The account must be of one of the following types:
  • Singly operated
  • Joint account (either or survivor)
  • Sole proprietor



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