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Product Name

Khushhali Qarza 

Product Type

Individual Loan


This product is aimed for the target market/customers engaged in agriculture and enterprise sectors. Maximizing outreach through disseminating and creating awareness of the bank's product/services at the grass roots level in a cost effective manner.  

Product Purpose

For Agriculture (including Agri implements)*/Livestock and Enterprise based economic & productive activities only 

*Financing will not be allowed for Agri Implements under unsecured category

Loan Eligibility Criteria

  •     Valid CNIC/ SNIC holder
  •     CIR of applicant.
  •     Successful cash flow analysis
  •     Non-defaulter of KMBL or any other bank
  •     Positive K-Score/Borrower’s Risk Rating as per Khushhali lending Manual
  •     Other pre/ post disbursement verification (as applicable)


6-18 Months

Repayment Options

  •     Equal Monthly Installments (EMI)
  •     Quarterly & Semi-annually.
  •     Lump sum payment at maturity



  • Mortgage (Equitable / MODTD) of Land/ Building or any other immoveable assets/APB/PLRA Charge creation &

  • Hypothecation of stock/ Plant / Machinery /Agri or Solar Equipment / Large animal / any other fixed business assets &

  • MODTD against original document of Land/ Building. Or

  • HPA of Vehicle OR

  • Mixed secured collaterals (e.g. Gold/TDC/NSC/Vehicle)

  • PDC 


  • Personal Guarantee &

  • PDC &

  • In case of livestock; List of animals owned by applicant

Loan Ticket  (minimum & maximum)

PKR 50,000 to PKR 350,000

Service charges

As per SOC, for more information please contact on our helpline 051 111 047 047