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Sarsabz Karobar PR
03 Dec, 2019

Khushhali Microfinance Bank (KMBL), Pakistan’s largest microfinance bank, has joined hands with the Forestry Planning and Monitoring circle Peshawar, a Government Organization dedicated to Planning, development, monitoring and conservation of Forests in KPK as a part of the Sarsabz Karobar program.

The MoU signed between KMBL and the Forestry Planning and Monitoring circle Peshawar has opened new avenues in terms of providing an easy financing scheme that will enable and empower employees of FP & M unit in their daily official engagements. Forestry Planning & Monitoring Circle is responsible for maintaining a track of sustainable and non-sustainable forestry, thereby providing monitoring services and policy making for effective forest management plans of KPK, Pakistan.

The program will allow employees of the Forestry Planning and Monitoring circle Peshawar to purchase motorcycles through the financing scheme. Additionally, under the Sarsabz Karobar program, KMBL will also offer free of cost insurance coverage to employees of the Forestry Planning and Monitoring circle Peshawar.

“Khushhali bank is proactively looking to give back to the community by working towards financial inclusion in its truest sense,” said Ghalib Nishtar, President of KMBL. “With this new partnership with the Forestry Planning and Monitoring circle, we are delighted to play our role in creating a positive impact.”

Khushhali Microfinance Bank’s Sarsabz Karobar caters to the financing needs of small certified growers of Public or Private Agro based organizations, primary /secondary milk suppliers, artisans, craftsmen, entrepreneurs & small traders involved either in supply/manufacturing of raw material or finished goods, end users of technology & energy equipments.

Gohar Ali, Divisional Forest Officer said about the initiative, “We feel privileged to partner with KMBL to provide financing facility to our employees to purchase motorbikes. This partnership will enable them to perform their duties without any hurdle and help in providing monitoring services for effective forest management”.

KMBL will ensure that the motorcycle loan scheme is executed successfully and do all the needful to address any problem faced by the Forestry Planning & Monitoring circle Peshawar or its employees in the implementation of the motorcycle loan scheme.