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Training Session on Olive Plantation
09 Mar, 2019

Agriculture sector in Pakistan provides employment to a major chunk of population and is also critical in ensuring food security for a nation with increasing population. Therefore, Khushhalibank undertakes most of its work in the rural areas providing loans for agriculture and livestock businesses.

Moreover, Khushhalibank also focuses its CSR initiatives to empower the small farmers from remote and rural areas. KMBL organizes free training sessions on a local crop to help the farmers learn about modern research and farming best practices. Recently, a farmers training session was conducted in Swat on Olive Plantation. Dr. Azmat Awan, Scientific Officer, Pakistan Oil Seed Development Board, briefed the local farmers on how to establish new olive orchards, harvesting methods, transportation and extraction of olive oil. These sessions provide an opportunity to the local farmers to interact with a crop expert and find solutions to the problems they are facing and get updated information on crop harvesting. About 200 local farmers benefitted from the free training session organized on March 11.

KMBL endeavors to empower small farmers through access to finance to propel the local economy.