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Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited Awarded ‘The Best Microfinance Bank 2019’ for the Consecutive Second Year
KMBL to Attend Annual Microfinance Conference – Rethinking Microfinance: Developing a New Inclusive Finance Compass
27 Nov, 2019

The annual microfinance conference was organized by Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN) on the theme of “Rethinking Microfinance: Developing a New Inclusive Finance Compass” where KMBL was also invited as a major microfinance service provider of the industry. The purpose of the conference was to create a platform for all microfinance and other financial service providers, policy making agencies, regulatory bodies, development agencies and government authorities, etc. to discuss different ways to accelerate the financial inclusion process and to find solutions to various bottlenecks of the process.
Mr Ghalib Nishtar, president and CEO KMBL, also chaired a session on “The RSP Journey: Mapping the Future with a Rearview Mirror” where he shared his valuable insights to the many ways that can uplift the micro-level economy with respect to the overall economic shifts as well as the industry trends.