Submitted by saqib.mehdi on Thu, 05/12/2022 - 15:46
Hattian Bala

In continuation to its resourceful initiatives and CSR Program - “Education for Khushhali” for enhancing the quality of education for the deprived masses in Pakistan, the KMBL recently collaborated with Rahnuma – Family Planning Association of Pakistan (FPAPAK), to provide quality furniture and install a water supply line to provide clean water for the Government Primary School, in the underprivileged and remote region of Sohan Valley, Hattian Bala, in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK).
Through this inspirational activity, KMBL has donated a large number of; desks, chairs, tables and whiteboards, to improve the school’s learning environment, while facilitating easier access to education, In addition, FPAPAK also arranged a session on Life-Skills Based Education, for the students, enabling them to improve their decision-making and interpersonal skills.
The president of KMBL – Mr. Ghalib Nishtar stated that: “It is a delightful moment for us to provide valuable support to more than 100 deserving students in the current phase of our social-development programme. We have selected this particular school through our fair and transparent process of CSR Need-Assessment because this school did not have any furniture available and its students were facing several difficulties in pursuit of education. Our institution remains committed to raising the quality of life for the common Pakistani citizens.”
KMBL believes that Education is the key to community development and poverty alleviation, as the corporate leadership of the bank continues to support thousands of students in the underserved segments of Pakistan, enabling them to pursue their dreams. This generous gesture promises to go a long way towards elevating the standards of academic facilities at this valuable institution, catering to the academic needs of the impoverished children in the area.
This resourceful intervention will also inspire parents and children living in the surrounding community, to pursue education, enabling them to become more valuable citizens in future and turn their dreams into reality. KMBL believes that education, when done right, helps develop a solid foundation, enabling young people to make better choices for their future. KMBL is contributing to the community and improving the competitive skills of the children, enabling them to play a stronger role in national progress.