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Stiching Training Sahiwal
Stitching Training for Women in Sahiwal
23 Dec, 2021

Improving the lives of rural women is key to fighting poverty and enhancing rural development. Hence, Khushhali Microfinance Bank Limited (KMBL) believes in empowerment of women through skill development training sessions that can enable women to realize their true potential, while also earning healthy income for their families. Continuing its role and efforts for women empowerment, KMBL in collaboration with the Society for Human Development (SHD) organized a stitching training for women in Chak No 1/10 L Harapa, Sahiwal District. The training has been designed to provide a complete tailoring course to women from low income households and equip them with the skills to earn sustainable livelihood and support their families. Through such training programs, KMBL is making direct contribution to Sustainable Development Goals #4 and #8 by increasing the number of skilled youth and adults for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.