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Aman Foundation

Khushhali Microfinance Bank has supported students of Aman Foundation who are financially unstable but are talented enough to add to the pool of talented people of Pakistan.
In the education sector, Aman Foundation has been empowering the Pakistani youth by providing them employable skills. Approximately 34% of Pakistani youth is between the ages of 15 - 35. The youth bulge, if not given the right opportunities to gain employable skills, will become a liability instead of an asset for our nation. A large quantum of these young men and women take up menial, low-paying jobs and are never able to escape from the poverty trap. The route to meaningful employment for the majority of this growing youth bulge has to be skills development. KMBL has partnered with Amna Tech to sponsor some of its students to learn the skills in the field of Refrigeration/ ACs, electrician & electronics. The vision behind this partnership is to provide a pathway towards individual and collective socio-economic empowerment.