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Drinking Water for the People of Cholistan

Helping our communities across Pakistan to access drinking water is one of our ambitions and we are striving to provide this basic necessity to as many people as we can. Access to clean water changes everything; it’s a stepping stone to good health and development. Khushhali Microfinance Bank through its CSR program 'Drinking Water for Khushhali' aims to help our communities in accessing safe drinking water.
Under this program, KMBL has installed a solar hand pump in the water stressed village of Basti Murad Chahal, Cholistan. There are around 50 homes in the village and more than 200 people would benefit from the facility. Since the village is located in a remote rural area and electricity is usually unavailable. Therefore, a solar system was installed to provide continuous water to these communities.
Through such initiatives, KMBL is making direct contributions to the Sustainable Development Goal #6, by facilitating equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all, through hand-pumps, filtration plants and water coolers.

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