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Triumphs Gold Price Disclosure Award by Microfinanza Ratings
Khushhali Microfinance Bank Triumphs Gold Price Disclosure Award by Microfinanza Ratings
07 Nov, 2018

This quarter Khushhalibank achieved another milestone by proclaiming the Gold Price Disclosure Award by Microfinanza Ratings. The award proves KMBL’s commitment to transparency of its pricing information.

The Price Disclosure award is a public recognition of pricing transparency visible to investors and other international stakeholders who subscribe to the Data Platform. It signifies KMBL’s commitment to maintain highest standards of business practices as a major player within the microfinance sector of Pakistan. The Data Platform is a recent initiative for transparency in the financial inclusion sector that fills the gap left by Microfinance Transparency and unites several other microfinance initiatives (e.g. CERISE, SPTF, Smart campaign, PPI, MIMOSA, Factsheet, etc).

With this recognition, KMBL aims to further improve its ability to utilize the customer insights to advance its internal processes and lay the foundations to automate differentiated propositions to individual customers based on what they value.

MicroFinanza Rating (MFR) is a private and independent international rating agency specialized in microfinance. The organization aims to operate in a transparent market as a highly qualified information provider in the field of microfinance and responsible investing. It delivers microfinance and responsible finance industry with independent, high quality ratings and information services, aiming at enhancing transparency, facilitating investments and promoting best practices worldwide.