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Product Name

PM Kissan Package

Product Purpose

Short-term production/working capital loans for all crop and non-crop sectors, for revival of agriculture/livestock sectors to subsistence farmers.

  • Purchase of agri-inputs and pay other farm expenses.
  • purchase of large animals for breeding/Fattening.
  • Meeting Dairy expenses (i.e fodder and other relevant expenses.

Loan Eligibility Criteria

  • Borrowers as defined in market Niche
  • Age Between 22-60 Years
  • Residing in the area from the last 2 years
  • Doing business at the same location from the last 1 year
  • Valid CNIC/SNIC (Pakistan Nationals only) of the applicant and co-borrower (where applicable)
  • Successful customer's repayment capacity and frequency assessment.
  • Not defaulter of KMBL and other institutions 
  • Positive K-score/Borrower's risk rating
  • Other pre/post disbursement verification (as applicable) 

Market Niche:

  • Only flood/rain notified areas(calamity declared only)
  • All existing and new farmers with subsistence landholding for crop loans.
  • Small farmers for non-crop sectors i.e livestock loans.

*Farms size will be as per SBP's report on Indicative Credit Limits and eligible items for agriculture financing (Click here)


  • Maximum 12 months



  • Fard / Fard Baray Qarza / Any Documentation proving ownership of land


For Agriculture:

  • APB / PLRA

For Livestock:

  • Personal guarantee and hypothecation of *Animals
  • APB / PLRA

Loan Ticket  (minimum and maximum)

PKR 25,000 - 500,000

Service charges

  • As per SOP