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Sehat Khushhali


Sehat Khushhali is a unique health insurance plan that offers customers coverage for hospital and medical expenses in case of emergency or routine checkup. This insurance product features options of multiple coverage plans.

It is offered in collaboration with Jubilee Life Insurance with the objective to facilitate beneficiaries in case of all types of accidents and diseases.


Product Features


Product Plan Annual Premium Per Insured Coverage
Option 1 PKR 750
  • Coverage of Hospitalization Rs.40,000/-
  • Pre – existing conditions covered
  • Free coverage of Pre& Post hospitalization 10 days before and after hospitalization.
  • Loss of income for daily wage Rs. 300/-
  • Coverage of emergency room treatment in case of accidental emergencies.
Option 2 PKR 490
  • Daily benefit of PKR 2,000
Option 3 PKR 990
  • Daily benefit of PKR 4,000
Option 4

PKR 3,000

Per Family (Self, spouse & 3 kids)

  • Hospitalization –Per Person Annual Coverage: Rs. 50,000/-
  • Maternity Coverage (Six month waiting period–C Section only) Rs. 30,000/-
  • Ultrasound test & labor room, Physician, surgeon, anesthetist fees & Other charges 
  • Accidental Emergency Coverage (due to accident only)
  • Pre-existing Diseases / Treatment (after 45 days of policy)
  • Wage loss Compensation (Rs. 400 per day for head of Family)
  • Hepatitis B & C - new onset chronic renal failure 
  • MRI, CT scan, Endoscopy and Thallium Scan
  • Kidney dialysis / chemotherapy & radiotherapy

Under product plan option 2 & option 3, additional hospitalization benefits are also offered to the family in case of demise of the insured individual.


Burial Expense for Life Insured (PKR)

Family Annual Hospitalization Limit per Insured (PKR)

Coverage Period

Option – 2

PKR 25,000

PKR 30,000

3 Years

Option – 3

PKR 50,000

PKR 40,000

5 Years


  • Free treatment at panel hospitals (200+)
  • Coverage Period: 12 months
  • 24 Hour Medical Helpline available


Target Segment

  • KMBL’s Existing borrowers
  • KMBL’s Depositors
  • Walk in customers

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