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    CSR activities

    Farmer training at Chah Bhabhay Wali of Kot Chutta

    Khushhali Microfinance Bank recently organized a farmer training with agriculture experts at Chah Bhabhay Wali of Kot Chutta. The training participated by around 150 farmers from around the area, involved prominent agronomist and senior scientific officer at National Coordinated Wheat Program National Agriculture Research Council, Dr. Sikander Khan Tanveer. At the event the audience were enlightened with different ways to increase the yield, to make efficient and profitable use of agriculture techniques and products, the effectiveness of new agricultural technology, emphasis on organic farming and rain water harvesting. Farmers were also trained regarding the use of latest wheat varieties, proper use of seed rate, soil preparation methods, efficient use of fertilizers, pesticides, and application of water at the proper crop growth stages.